Saskia Lucy

Sunburst Charm Necklace in Silver

Sunburst Charm Necklace in Silver


Light the way with the Sunburst Pendant. The Sunrise is a symbol of rebirth, awakening and power.

Silver Plated Brass Pendant, set on a 45cm Barleycorn Chain.

Pendant measures 3.3cm x 2.7cm.
Made in United Kingdom 

About the Brand

Saskia Lucy is a British jewellery brand with their products made from sustainable materials and using ethical practices. Starting as an online print shop, selling original digital art prints of minimalist illustrations and inspiring quotes, Saskia Lucy then developed some of these illustrations and turning them into colourful pendants and jewellery, showing that art isn’t just for galleries and you can wear your own mini piece of art everyday.

Saskia Lucy jewellery is released monthly, with limited quantities available to ensure minimal waste. From 2021, each collection is inspired by or released on important dates, ensuring the pieces are relevant, and in some cases raising awareness for social issues and wildlife.