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Lilith Velvet Kimono Duster in Midnight Black

Lilith Velvet Kimono Duster in Midnight Black



Unleash your inner rebel in our Lilith kimono duster. She is a beautiful statement evening kimono with bohemian charm that elevates any outfit to the perfect nighttime look. This stunning piece can be worn all year round and to any event to give your outfit a mystical and feminine finish. You can even wear it around the house as a luxury housecoat if you're feeling extra fancy!

Don't feel like dressing up? Why not pair with jeans, a band tee and some chunky boots or doc martens for ultimate grunge-meets-chic. 

The name Lilith is of Assyrian origin and means 'ghost or night monster'. It is derived from the Akkadian word 'lilitu' meaning 'of the night'. In Jewish folklore, it is said that Lilith plays the part of Adam's rejected first wife, who refused to obey him and was consequently turned into a night demon.

Available in Pink Dusk and Midnight Black.