Velvet Kimonos, Gowns and Jackets

Bekka Simpson

Posted on February 10 2021

Velvet Kimonos, Gowns and Jackets

Velvet Kimonos


I have a few different velvet kimonos in my own wardrobe and I have to say I adore them all. I love the way they feel and look and how they give me confidence each time I wear them. There’s just something so decadent about the heavy fabric, how it hangs and its silkyness against the skin. They are suitable for any occasion because of their versatility. They can be dressed up or down depending on the setting and you can pair them with anything from jeans to leather leggings to any kind of shirt or dress. At Suki’s wardrobe we stock a variety of velvet kimonos and later this season we are introducing a new brand, The Hippie Shake, whose signature styles are 70’s style, vintage look velvet kimonos. We are also in the process of designing our very own range of duster jackets and kimonos which we hope to launch this autumn / winter season. 

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Velvet Kimonos From Lilith

Black Velvet Kimono Duster Jacket Gothic Medieval Bohemian

Lilith velvet kimonos and dusters let you unleash your inner style rebel. These beautiful statement kimonos have plenty of bohemian charm and can elevate any outfit from casual daytime to the perfect nighttime look. These stunning pieces can be worn all year round and to any event to give your outfit a mystical and feminine finish. They have a touch of gothic mystique to suit those who favour a dark aesthetic whilst also being a stylish wardrobe favourite.

You can even wear these velvet jackets around the house as a luxury housecoat if you're feeling extra fancy! If you don’t feel like dressing up, why not pair with jeans, a band tee and some chunky boots or doc martens for ultimate grunge-meets-chic look.


Pink Velvet Kimono Duster Jacket Medieval Gothic


The name Lilith is of Assyrian origin and means 'ghost or night monster'. Another hint towards their gothic charm. It is derived from the Akkadian word 'lilitu' meaning 'of the night'. In Jewish folklore, it is said that Lilith plays the part of Adam's rejected first wife, who refused to obey him and was consequently turned into a night demon. 

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Velvet Kimonos From The Hippie Shake


These velvet embroidered gowns and kimonos from The Hippie Shake are what dreams are made of. They are full length and are are fit for any bohemian queen! Available in various colours their delicate gold floral embroidery and huge wide pointy sleeves make them a stand out piece in any wardrobe. These floor length jackets are fully lined inside with soft rayon and they come with a detachable belt so it can be worn open or closed. They can be dressed up for parties as a statement piece or dressed down in the day with a casual tee and flares. Their gowns come with matching velvet embroidered headbands to finish the look. 


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