New One Hundred Stars Gowns and Kimonos

Bekka Simpson

Posted on March 01 2021

New One Hundred Stars Gowns and Kimonos

New One Hundred Stars Printed Gowns and Kimonos


The new SS21 collection from one hundred stars has arrived with bold floral prints and decadent patterns across a range of kimonos, gowns, throwovers and knotted headbands. At Suki's Wardrobe we have a beautiful range of duster coats, robes and both short and long kimono jackets in the classic "one size fits most" sizing. We also stock a range of silky headbands in various floral prints to match fabrics the new SS21 collection. The collection is available at our Uppermill shop in Oldham and via our online store. Here's a look at the range and how each piece can be styled.


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Short Kimono Jackets

One Hundred Stars Short Kimono Jackets 100 Stars

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Short kimono jackets are the perfect way to liven up a casual outfit and make it stand out as something a little more special. This season's prints include a light pink stork print, an opulent grey Rococo print and a classic blue Japanese waves print. There are also new prints from the KEW Gardens Royal Botanical range including a bright floral chilli plant print. These mini kimonos are one of our bestselling styles as they are so easy to wear and also make great gifts for occasions such a Mothers Day, anniversaries and special birthdays.


One Hundred Stars Throwovers

One Hundred Stars Throwovers from Suki's Wardrobe

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Throw over cover ups are the ultimate multi-wear style piece. They can literally be "thrown over" the top of a chic daytime outfit as a stand alone statement jacket or as part of an outfit to create that effortless layered fashion look. The layered look works especially well in autumn / winter. In summer throw overs are the ideal beach cover up on top of a bikini or one piece swimsuit. They are also an ideal accompaniment to an evening outfit with jeans, heels, a cami top and a statement necklace. You can diversify your outfit further by adding a belt over the top and cinching in the waist to create a completely new silhouette. In this seasons range we have bright red KEW Gardens Passion Flower Print, KEW Gardens Chilli Plant Print and a subtle and sophisticated grey Rococo print.


One Hundred Stars Gowns and Dressing Gowns

Gowns from One Hundred Stars 100 Stars
These lightweight dressing gowns are a beautiful and comfortable choice to wear around the house. They can also be worn as a house coat or as a layer of their own when out and about. The tie waist can be styled as a cross over body look or a more open look dependent on your mood. These gowns make an ideal gift and many people collect the different prints as the fabrics are so interesting and desirable. Watch out as buying these can become a bit of an addiction!

One Hundred Stars Duster Coats

One Hundred Stars Duster Coats at Suki's Wardrobe

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Duster coats and duster jackets are the fashion piece of the moment. These 'one size fits most" over coats come in a beautiful range of prints for SS21. These include the KEW Gardens Botanical Gardens range featuring a bright sky blue Passion Flower print, a dark green Indian Lily print and a dark blue Iris Flower print. The collection also includes an oriental style classic blue giant willow print. These dusters look incredible when matched with a signature print floral headband or head scarf.


One Hundred Stars Headbands

Headbands and headscarves from One Hundred Stars

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Why not tie your outfit together with a co-ordinated headband? These head scarf style knotted headbands are the cherry on top of a beautiful outfit and work as part of a kimono combo or on their own. They are silky to touch and made in one size to fit all. We're pleased to stock a range of headbands and scarves in our Uppermill shop as well as in our online store. Choose from a wide selection of prints including the grey Rococo print, various KEW Gardens botanical styles and the classic and beloved stork print. 



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