Kimono Buyers Guide

Bekka Simpson

Posted on February 01 2021

Kimono Buyers Guide

Kimono Buyers Guide


What is a kimono?

Although Kimonos originated in Japan, they have since become a fashion favourite in the UK and throughout the world. Simply translated, the name means “thing to wear on the shoulders,” and they are often referred to as kimono gowns, throws or jackets. These T shaped garments wrap at the front with a tie around the waist, the tradition being to wrap the right side over the left.


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How to wear a kimono

Kimonos are well loved for their versatility and ability to add a touch of extra personality to any outfit. They can dress an outfit up or add extra warmth and layering depending on the occasion and come in a wide range of fabrics and designs. From the lightweight floral printed gowns made by One Hundred Stars to the more decadent velvet kimono styles of Lilith, there’s a style to suit everyone at every age at Suki’s Wardrobe. They look great thrown over the top of a lightweight knit with a statement necklace for a casual day look or with a simple cami top in summer. If you’re looking for outfit inspiration make sure you check out Instagram page where we post daily fashion and styling tips.

Short Kimono Jackets

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Vintage kimonos

These timeless cover ups buck the trend of fast fashion, instead making slow and sustainable fashion the focus with attention to detail and high craftsmanship, quality and design soaked in history. Vintage kimonos and their modern-day adaptations are now highly sought after items and we are proud to stock 70’s style dusters, jackets and kimonos from Traffic People and The Hippie Shake - the ultimate modern day Boho brands. 


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Kimono dress

Although many people choose to wear them as a jacket or robe, kimono dresses are growing in popularity with sustainable and ethical brands creating beautiful dress designs for this audience. The design lends itself well to the use of delicate and pretty fabrics meaning that occasion wear kimonos have become a growing trend. Choose from a longer maxi or a less formal midi dress style to suit the event. As well as dresses, Kimono wrap tops have also exploded in popularity. Throughout the summer our Kimono tops were a huge hit alongside the more traditional beach cover ups.

Dressing Gown

If you’re not quite feeling brave enough to wear one outside of the house, a dressing gown kimono can add just the right amount of luxury to your loungewear. One Hundred Stars have a range of long sleeved printed gowns, perfect for a bride and her bridesmaids on the morning of a wedding or for on holiday. These robes strike the perfect balance between comfort and style, our current favourites being the Kew Gardens Floral prints and the more traditional Japanese style bamboo prints.

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Dusters and Duster Jackets

Duster Jackets and duster coats are a modern take on the more traditional styling of the kimono. They are often worn over the top of an outfit as a lightweight, stylish cover up. Often worn in lieu of a long cardigan or heavier outerwear when required, they are the perfect layering item for any time of year. They add effortless style to an outfit without being too heavy or thick in a similar fashion to a trench coat. Due to its versatility, a black duster jacket is a wardrobe staple for all seasons.

Duster Coats and Duster Jackets One Hundred Stars

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Our top kimono and duster brands

We are proud to stock One Hundred Stars both online and in our store in Uppermill, Oldham. Their gowns are supplied from their headquarters in Sheffield, a short drive from our own boutique. We love working with UK brands and their “one size fits all” designs are always a hit with our customers. Their beautiful screen printed collections take inspiration from travel around the world and their ethical pledge to only use AZO free dyes, recycled packaging and always pay their suppliers the standard living wage are just another reason why we love them so much. 

Winter kimonos

Our winter kimonos in velvet use luxurious heavier fabrics and are from beloved brand Lilith. These gowns have a decadent feel with an edge of gothic glamour. At the other end of the spectrum we have fun, lightweight tie dye summer beach cover ups from Hot Tomato which we absolutely adore.


Winter kimonos from One Hundred Stars

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Women’s fashion from Suki’s Wardrobe

Our love for luxurious fabrics and intricate patterns, combined with a desire to create the styles our customers are looking for has ignited our passion for design and production. We’re working hard behind the scenes developing our very own range of Suki’s Wardrobe dusters, throws and kimonos so watch this space! 

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