Faux Fur vs Real Fur and how to spot the difference!

Bekka Simpson

Posted on November 19 2020

Faux Fur vs Real Fur and how to spot the difference!
At Suki's Wardrobe, we love cosy accessories- They are one of the best things about this season! ️Unfortunately in some high street stores they CAN come with cosy fur trims and linings that are marketed as Faux fur, when in fact they are real fur!
When choosing your Faux fur winter pieces, please PLEASE do a little research on the difference between the look of real and faux fur before you make a purchase. This article will help you to spot the difference. At Suki's we NEVER sell real fur and we stand strongly on the view that the industry has no excuse to be producing, manufacturing and selling real fur products.
(Faux Fur Bobble hat by Sabbot hats. Available at Suki's Wardobe)
Unfortunately it's very common for manufacturers to mislead stockists and even trusted brands into selling 'faux fur' items when they are actually REAL fur from innocent animals as it's often actually CHEAPER to produce than realistic looking faux fur! This is an issue year on year and a lot of people unknowingly are purchasing real fur thinking it's fake. 
Luckily, I am a dab hand at spotting the difference between real and fake fur having worked with vintage clothing and in fashion in general for over 12 years. Sabbot headwear, one of our ethical brands over Sukis Wardrobe, have shared an informative video featuring Lucy Watson and Tiffany Watson (stars of Made in Chelsea) explaining how to tell the difference  between real and faux fur, which you may find useful before making any purchases this winter.
These are the methods I have adopted when trying to decipher the difference too. You can watch their video below! :

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